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Fly Different.

Alaska Air Virtual (AAv) was established in 2017, sought to closely simulate the merger of Alaska Airlines & Virgin America in 2016 to include real world routes and associated aircraft type. We are not associated with any airline yet mimic the operations and service of ASA and VRD. In addition, we leverage Alaska Airlines Code-Share partners, which further diversifies our schedules! AAv attracts and is filled with flight simulating enthusiast/pilots on the FS9, FSX/SE, P3D and X-plane platform. AAv doesn't embrace traditional overly strict VA rules; our culture is about having fun, safety, learning, and flying what you want, when you want, and where you want! The Alaska Airlines acquisition with Virgin America has allowed AAv to dominate the West Coast of the U.S and extend internationally. So what are you waiting for...Come Fly Different!


No more starting from the bottom…AAv is about having fun and aviating the world. We allow our pilots to fly what they want, when they want, and where they want within our network! Our PIREP & ACARS system is fully automated! How frustrating is it waiting for your PIREP to be approved?!...No more - Spend more time aviating & less time with paperwork! So what are you waiting for…Come Fly Different!

We are operators of a wide range of the Boeing & Airbus variants. ASA Fleet – All Alaska Airline routes are proudly all Boeing from 737-400 to 737-900ER. Virgin America/Australia/Atlantic routes A319 to a380 as well as the 747 and 787. Our Regional partners such Horizon Air & Skywest operate the Bombardier and Embraer variants. Visit our Fleet page to learn more about our codeshare fleet.

Rise through the ranks with our pilot ranking system signifying your experience and aircraft ratings amongst staff! Earn virtual compensation for your service. We have a myriad of awards our pilots can earn during their rank journey. Pilots can leverage our training department to increase their pilot efficiency from ground school to instrument approaches of a 744! Although we are about pure fun, transporting our passengers safely is a cornerstone to our service!

The recent Alaska Airlines merger with Virgin America has permitted service throughout the U.S. with well over 33,000 routes and counting! We leverage our virtual partnership and codeshares with renowned operators such as Thomas Cook Condor, Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates allowing our pilots to operate internationally. Service routes are throughout the U.S. and continue internationally based on real world flights of our network!

We have seven (8) hubs, five(6) US. Domestic and two (2) International. Review our Flight Operations Manual (FOM) for more details.

  • Sea-Tac International (Seattle,WA)
  • Stevens International (Anchorage,AK)
  • Portland International (Portland,OR)
  • San Francisco International (San Fran,CA)
  • Los Angeles International, (Los Angeles,CA)
  • Salt Lake City International, (Salt Lake City,UT)
  • Heathrow International (London)
  • Sydney International (Sydney)

Our automatic PIREP system precisely collects and keeps record of your pilot logbook, compensation, miles flown, ticket price, routes, PAX, performance grades and much more! More specifically, each PIREP is graded automatically ensuring it meets our superior flight criteria! Our robust booking and dispatching system elevates your flight immersion... Up to the challenge?

Live Flight Tracking

Active Bookings

Pilot Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
  Moll Raphael AA972 (1A) KLAS KLAX 178 3500kg B738 Booked
  Waqaas Hamid AS66 (2B) PAYA PAJN 79 2550kg B738 In Progress
  Dave Anderson AS1 (1) KDCA KSEA 185 3450kg B738 In Progress
  dieter windels AS715 (1) KSLC KPDX 161 1400kg B739 Booked



Alaska Air Virtual is an official partner of VATSIM as well as proudly partnered with FS2Crew and Aerosoft enabling us to offer exclusive discounts!

Latest 10 Pilot Reports

Flight No. Departure City Arrival City Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate
SWA1281 KISP KMCO   ASA1047 737-700 04-28-2019 SOUTHWEST AIRLINES LONE STAR -100fpm
AA2070 (1) KPHL KMSP   ASA480 TOLISS319_V1P0P2 [CFMS] AMERICAN -372fpm
AA1691 (B) KORD KDCA   ASA1072 TOLISS319V1P3P1 [CFMS] AMERICAN (2013) -74fpm
ASA649 KPHX KELP   ASA649 MJC8Q400_AUB -236fpm
AS2180 KSEA KPSC   ASA510 MJC8Q400_QXE -3fpm
AS2247 KBOI KSEA   ASA510 MJC8Q400_QXE -9fpm
AS2513 KPDX KBOI   ASA510 MJC8Q400_QXE -120fpm

Top 5 Greased Landings This Week

Pilot Name Flight Number Date Landing Rate
  Carson Brewer ASA143 2019-05-17 -1.00fpm
  Steven Kashevarof AS2180 2019-05-20 -3.00fpm
  Steven Kashevarof AS2247 2019-05-20 -9.00fpm
  Issac Tang AS1325 2019-05-19 -19.00fpm
  Carson Brewer FFT2862 2019-05-20 -26.00fpm

Welcome our Latest Pilots

Pilot Name Country Hired Date
  Justin Paul U.S.A U.S.A 2019-05-12
  Vlad Mihailescu Canada Canada 2019-05-11
  Andrew Allen U.S.A U.S.A 2019-05-10
  Timothy Wijaya Indonesia Indonesia 2019-05-10
  Alberto Suarez Spain Spain 2019-05-09
  Paolo lozzi Italy Italy 2019-05-07
  Adnan Al Samari Netherlands Netherlands 2019-05-05

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