Resuming Operations - July 2020

posted by Marcus Bobbitt on 2020-07-12


AAv will be resuming operations, due to the COVID pandemic I have been engrossed with professional tasks in my career as I am in healthcare. There have been many applications that date back to January / Feb 2020 all of which will be addressed. All routes will be updated to reflect, however as you know the airline industry has been hit heavily.

Nonetheless we are back in business ready to hit the virtual skies! I have also invested in a Sim-on 737 flight deck which should arrive August 2020, thus will allow me to start posting more on our Youtube channel again, live videos both desktop and GOPRO from within the cockpit!

We hope you and your family are safe and healthy .

See you in the skies,

Marcus Bobbitt, ASA001
Chief Executive Officer | Administration
Anchorage | [email protected]