49,400 Routes & Hub Mangement

posted by Marcus Bobbitt on 2017-12-23

Pilots of AAv:

AAv has expanded again! Although real world Alaska Air terminated Delta Airlines December 2016 and plans to terminate Aeromexico December 2017, we plan to keep the legacy! More specifically, we have integrated Deltas December 2016 schedule, we will not be updating Delta yet felt it fitting to incorporate historically =). This initiative also deepens service routes flown via the 717, MD80, 757, and the popular CRJ. Similarly, after the suspension of Aeromexico, we will continue yet not update such schedule.

We are proud to provide you with just short of 50,000 routes and over 1100 destinations. I remember the days where we were proud to have 500 routes... With this initiative we have and will be bringing on more staff! Please visit our staff page within the coming days to meet your new Hub Directors. I will also send a mass email introducing the new crew and available positions, should you care to join staff and help grow our VA!

Happy Holidays!

Marcus Bobbitt
President & CEO
Administration | Ted Stevens Intl Hub