ACARS Update 3.4

posted by Marcus Bobbitt on 2018-01-28

Pilot of AAv:

We have modified the ACARS to account for intermittent internet loss. Prior to the update, the ACARS will terminate if internet is lost during flight, this is because it would update your flight status every 20 seconds. We understand internet in some parts of the world experience sporadic outages.

Now the ACARS will continue to record your flight for 10 minutes without internet, during the 10 minutes it will continually seek a internet connection, should it not be able to establish a connection within that time you will receive the following message: "Your flight has been terminated as we were unable to establish a connection to the server. We attempted 200 times to update your flight status but was unsuccessful."

We hope this temporary fix will resolve the issues, in the future we may move to the ability to continue the flight in its entirety without a connection.

As always, thank you for following with us

Marcus Bobbitt ASA001
Alaska Air Virtual | Administration