25,000 Real World Schedules - Now Live

posted by Marcus Bobbitt on 2017-08-20

Pilots and Aircrew:

NOTAM - Alaska Airline Virtual has uploaded 90% of the real world schedules summing over 25,000 routes, this is over 750 destination across the globe; once implementation is complete, we will have nearly 30,000 real world schedules encompassing over 1000 destinations that will cycle and update bi-annually. Thanks to our new partner VAS Systems, we will remain concurrent with real world flights.

Within the Comments/Remarks section of the OFP, more information is now provided pertaining to your flight.

Should you discover a route in which we do not provide service, simply request it and we will add the route under Alaska Air Virtual as the operator; collectively the AAv operator will be home of all special-non real world routes.

...Flight crew, we are now ready to FLY DIFFERENT.

Enjoy - New ACARS system to follow ;)

Marcus Bobbitt
President & CEO
Administration | TED Stevens Intl