Alaska Airlines Virtual New ACARS

posted by Marcus Bobbitt on 2017-09-25

Pilots & Aircrew:

We have officially secured and developed our own ACARS system, this new ACARS can be found within our download center.

This ACARS has several new features:
- Live Flight Data: As you fly, pertinent flight information is displayed and logged within your PIREP
- Flight Scoring: Making it challenging!
If Landing Rate is greater than or equal to 200 Then score = score 91% - Greater than 250 then score = score 71% - Greater than 500 Then score = 51%
If Pause deduction 5% each time
If Crashed score = 0%
If landing not turned on and off Landing Lights Above and below FL100 - 5 % deduction for both
If Overspeed 20% deduction
If Slew 5% deduction
If Taxi Overspeed 5% deduction
If Overspeed Below 10k then 5% deduction
If Beacon Off When Engine On Then 5% deduction
If Stall Then 10% deduction
- Airport validation
- PIREP report captures all flight data
- Fly again option - Within log book you can book prior flights flown in the past
- Much more!

To review your PIREP after, simply click on the flight within your logbook, a full text log will be viewable.

Now you might ask why? Within AAv we leverage the "Fly what you want, when you want model" in traditional VAs you must "rank up" to fly certain aircraft. Yet our philosophy is, sure... jump in a 747.... but what is your score? It will be quite evident if you score a 20%, you shouldnt be in a widebody aircraft of such magnitude and complexity. But also, with such grading parameters it provides another layer of realism, purpose, and will further improve your "pilot-ship".

We will continue to add features such as Flight attendant announcements, directional headings - things of that nature.

To assist in our launch, we will also be adding another 15,000 routes.

Feel free to contact me direction should you experience any bugs.

As always, I appreciate your dedication to AAv,

Marcus Bobbitt
President & CEO
Alaska Airline Virtual